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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The last year in short

*Quit my job of 4 years
*Arriving in Australia
*1st summertime Christmas

*Beatles Rockband!

*Dave's 26th Birthday

*Australia Day with Dave's cousin Pauline and her hubby Danny

*AMAZING valentine's day feeding wild dolphins!

*Went back to LA in March until May until my Permanent resident visa came through.

*Disneyland with Alexis and Tracey, then with Tracey and Rachael =] ( missing photos please share!)

*Bamboozle left- Thanks to my girl Sara Lissner!
The homie Andrew aka DJ Hank Scorpio

*Back to Australia finally!

*making friends with a wild Butcher bird

*Underwater World

*Bought a 1998 Mazda 323 Protege

*Big Pineapple!

*Started working at Spotlight in June

*My 24th Birthday spent at Sea World and Australia Zoo, Cake made by my lovely mother-in-law (it was DELISH!)

*Our first wedding anniversary

*Sydney in September

*Spending time with Dave's family

It runs in the family...

More cowbell!


Cousin Mitchell and his Lady Tavia

Lovely Tavia

Afternoon with the Grandparents <3

*Taronga Zoo!!! ( I love zoos/animals)

*Halloween ( I was evil Alice and Dave was an evil Ace of Spaces)

*Ice Skating

*Our friends George and Wanrong's Wedding!

*Lots of baking, this recipe/idea from The Dainty Squid!

*Cooking Thanksgiving dinner all by myself for the first time! (Including the Turkey!!)

*Got a sweet hamburger phone for xmas and a ticket to Belle and Sebastian!

*Receiving homemade cookies from Germany made by my dear friend Lisa!

*Most uneventful new year's eve ever

*Another Trip to Sea World, Making friends with a Dolphin

*Dave's 27th Birthday!

*Seeing my buddy Fernie for the first time in years!
 *Kondalilla falls waterfall jumping!

*Australia Day, inflatable pool fun

*Alma Park Zoo Valentine's day present, and Red Panda cuddles!!!!!

*Dave's wisdom teeth removal
 *Ducks friends! I met these little guys as ducklings upon my first trip to Australia =]
And there you have it, folks. From now on I will be updating my blog regularly. If you think I have missed any key events, please accept my apologies as I only worked out the timeline through our photo collection, and will be happy to add to it.

Coming soon: Our recent trip to Sydney, and the 1st edition of Mama's Movie Mondays!