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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Malta, part two!

I'm happy to present part 2 of our time in Malta! Again, good times were had. Sorry it has taken so long, I am finally back home in Australia AND I got my own computer, so I should have more time to continue posting about our trip.

Mdina Dungeons. I think I want one for a halloween costume!

Floyd and his young son

Maltese style hangouts, in the kitchen naturally!

A happy man

One of many family photos!

Story telling <3

My honey with his grandfather's 3 sisters

Coolest Firetruck EVER.

Lovely Rita and I on a short walk to a fabulously deserted beach!

Most beaches in Malta are rock to water, no sand! I hate sand so naturally I loved this =]

Absolute MAGIC.

I get burnt easily, and there was no shade around, so my honey made me this fort. Sweet!

To be Continued...