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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blast to the future, in the present time.

I've just go to interject here and say that my musical draught has been quenched! I used to be the one teaching my little sister Kim about all these bands, but now that I live in Australia and only get top 40s music that I loathe ( well, most of it...I have a penchant for Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue) I asked her to make me a mix of what she's been listening to lately, and my god, it really hit the spot!
Dengue Fever
Two Door Cinema Club
White Rabbits
The National

Here is Dengue Fever's song "Seeing Hands"

I already knew the National, but I fell completely head over heels for Two Door Cinema Club, and I went on Soundcloud and found some fabulous remixes ( The Twelves remix of "Something good can work" is just amazing!).

It made me a little nostaglic for my time in LA with my closest friends going to Cinespace for Camerata on Sundays and Moscow at Boardner's on Wednesdays. Some of you may think these places are lame, but compared to the filth I have experienced here, you'd be more appreciative. I haven't found a place that I like out here yet, I'm going to have to venture out into the city to find a place I like. I found an awesome place when we were in Sydney in September, it reminded me of the ChaCha Lounge in Silverlake....I miss it. Relaxing bar with good music, good vibes, and good people.
My best friend Rachael and I at our usual spot <3

I've kind of decided I want to open/run a place that has that good vibe we're all looking for. Bouncers, resident and guest DJs, the lot. Bouncers here are soooo easy going and I can't stand it because you get the most disgusting people throwing up or fighting all the time and nobody does anything about it! I want a place that shows what this city can be. I want a place where you can know every week is going to be fun, people are actually going to dance, and fights are over instantly. Is that too much to ask?

A lot of the people here think of  alcohol as a hobby. Although I enjor my fair share of drinks myself, I don't find it necessary or even all that fun to drink myself stupid every single weekend. This I think is why I'm finding it difficult to make friends here. Dave's relatives our age RULE. Dave's sister who is my age is so awesome, and his cousins in Sydney are a hell of a lot of fun too. I know I have only been here 6 months (not counting the 3 months I was here December through March, since I had to leave for 2 months again), but sometimes I do find it a little disheartening. I only get homesick every once in awhile, I'm not sad all the time at all! One day every few weeks I'm sad, but usually talking to my friends overseas on Facebook is helpful.

I'm looking into hobbies of my own, since Dave has his bike. I'm working or getting rollerskates to try roller derby, I'm almost done paying off my sewing machine that's on layaway and excited to learn how to use it and make things!, I'm trying to blog more, I'm reading a lot ( which I always have done), and thinking I should probably try to finish my scrapbook project that has been a year in the making!

Just thinking a little on this 4th day of being under house-arrest/quarantine ( I more than likely have the measles).


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