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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buena Sera, Cinque Terre!

We arrived in Cinque Terre around 6pm, so after the nice lady picked us up and took our money for our apartment for 2 nights, we walked around looking for a shop with basic food items. After finally finding what we needed, we proceeded to drink Tuscan wine and eat simple, but DELICIOUS spaghetti. All for less than 7 Euros! I also took advantage of the washing machine and washed every single item of clothing we had ( believe me, there was a LOT). The next morning, we strolled through the markets on our way to the train station to explore the amazing Cinque Terre...

Unfortunately, due to a mishap (which I will not go into detail on), we lost our snorkel gear. Dave got us some new masks and tubes, and we swam in the nice temperature ocean.
We also had some yummy lunch at a kebab place under the train station in Monterosso.

Lots of sea urchins...remind me of this.

I think I have a fetish for tunnels.

....and wells/caves.

Long hike with nice views

Capturing my hearts, of course, KITTIES!!!!

Tortoise kitties are precious.


Little cutie!!!

We had a lovely time, minus the 2+ hour HIKE UPHILL from Monterosso to Vernazza, good thing we took the train between the last 3 of 5 towns...It was beautiful, and just as amazing as the photos I've been looking at online for the last year or so...After a short stay, we were headed to Roma!


  1. I'm just loving your really long holiday. You have captured al the places you've been in a really wonderful way!!! I still miss you and wish I were there. <3

  2. Thank you my lovely Tracey! Eventually I will have my own computer so that I can post more often, however my plan to get an Ipad was foiled because it doesn't have a USB port in it! Major disappointment...I will just have to get a laptop eventually. We are still having an amazing time and more photos to come! Thanks for reading <3