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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ciao! Venezia, Italia

We got up early in the morning in Marseille, and hurried like crazy to catch our train to Venice! The trains automated ticketing system was down, which worked out to our advantage, because instead of waiting in a crazy long line, we just hopped on the train!
Long story short, we were over-charged for our tickets and had to argue (nicely) at the Ventimiglia station to get a refund and our tickets to Venice. My politeness and patience helped us save some cash =]
It was a LOOOOOOONG day. We arrived in Venice at 11:30pm on the very last train, after having trouble getting from Mogliano Veneto to Venezia Mestre station. Our hostel/B&B hosts were nice enough to not only pick us up, but to wait for us so late at night! We awoke to a huge, delicious breakfast on the balcony, and the lovely lady owner dropped us off at the train station to head into Venice Island. (Side note: trains in Italy are NOT reliable, don't bother looking at the schedules...)

Anywho, here are some photos of a lovely city!

I wish we could have done the typical touro thing and done this, but not for 80 bloody Euro!

Lovers (no homo)

For my mommy! She works at the one in LA as a french teacher!

This douche.

Narrow house! Part of an exhibit that we refused to pay to see. 

Totally found my favourite chinese drink in a Chinese market in Italia! WHEEEEE

Check out the helmet hair on this guy.

If you ever visit Venice, you need to stay with this lady, she rules!

And after 2 nights, we were off to Sarzana, near our destination: The Cinque Terre! Tuscany's beauty awaited us...

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