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Friday, July 29, 2011

Marseille Part Deux

We stayed at Hotel Lutetia for 2 Nights. The afternoon we were dropped off by Ninou and Maxime, we grabbed some lunch at a Kebab joint, we got free Mint Tea (which I LOVE), and had lunch in the Vieux Port ("Old Port"). We decided that we wanted to take a boat trip to the Calanques, but they were fully booked for the next 2 days. The girl at the desk was nice enough to tell us that we could take a bus there instead, for cheaper and at our leisure. We realized that this was a better (and cheaper) option, and decided we would do that the next day.

So, for that day, we got ferry tickets to the Island of Frioul, via the Island of If, which is where the legendary Count of Monte Christo's (fiction) was emprisoned.

We snorkeled in very cold water, but enjoyed it. We had a romantic walk around the Island, and after deciding not to eat dinner on the island, we caught the ferry back to the mainland.

I spotted a Couscous Restaurant on the way back to our 2-Star Hotel, so we got takeaway from there. We again got free Mint Tea, this one was more delicious, and they also had Corne De Gazelle (Gazelle Horn), a traditional dessert that I really like. Despite my appearance, the young girl behind the counter, covered with a veil over her hair, was very friendly and non-Judgemental. This was really nice, considering most people look at me condescendingly, just like they would someone they assume is trying to pickpocket them, or a middle-eastern person they would assume is a terrorist (narrow-minded people). It was refreshing to see this entire family treat me as family. The food was inexpensive and delicious!

We watched some tv while eating dinner, and I found my childhood favourite TV show, Fort Boyard! I couldn't believe it was still on the air, but I was so happy. This prompted me to decide that I wanted to visit it while in France, wherever it was. ( It turns out we will be nearby in August!)

The next day, we walked to the Vieux Port, grabbed some croissants for breakfast on the way, and checked out the local fish market. They had some crazy looking fish! Lotte, the one that looks like a monster, is delicious! There were also eels and other interesting fish. It was a bit sad to see, but the fish were so fresh, they were still alive...

Afterwards, we hopped on the bus! After a 30 or so Minute bus ride and a relatively long walk in the heat, to one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, the Calanques!

Look, a starfishie!!!
The walk back was PUNISHING. Over 2 hours, uphill, in hot sunlight beating down on your back. All in all though, totally worth it! Recommended to anyone visiting Marseille. But I'd suggest taking the boat if you can afford it.  =]

Be back soon with a post about....Venezia, Italia! Ciao!

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