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Monday, July 11, 2011

Paris, Je T'aime! Part 1

Sorry again for the delay in blog posts, friends. I have had no internet connection for most of our travels in Italia. Today, I'm going to tell you about the time we spent in Paris. First off, the most important part, was that after 7 years, I finally got to see my Grandma and my Uncle!! Here are some photos from hangouts with my mom's side of the family:
Cherish every moment!

Off to the Markets
To get to the Markets in St Germain En Laye, Take the RER A to St. Germain En Laye, They are Friday Mornings. Least Expensive and Most Delicious Crepe in Paris are here!

Arc De Triomphe. I showed Dave the Champs-Elysees that day, which reminded us both of the NOFX song, which we sang while we were there, for good form.

To Get to the Champs Elysees and L'Arc De Triomphe, Take the RER A Towards Cergy, Poissy, or St. Germain en Laye to Charles de Gaulle Etoile.
Toulouse Rugby fans
I have missed this girl for so long! Last time I saw Emilie was in 2007 (I think) for her cousin's wedding which I attended. Now she has a precious baby boy! It was a quick catch-up, but I look forward to seeing her again when we go back to Paris.
My dear friend Emilie and her little boy Joseph!

It's been a long time!
Next is the Malmaison, built under the instruction of Napoleon Bonaparte for his wife Josphine, a nice little chateau surrounded by gardens. It's free entry the first sundy of every month, which I think is the best time to go, as honestly I probably wouldn't pay to get in for this one. Good one for people traveling on a budget! To get here, you want to Take the RER A towards St. Germain En Laye, get off at Rueil Malmaison, and either walk by following the signs, or take 2 buses ( we walked to save the money).
Statue of Josephine de Beauharnais at La Malmaison

La Malmaison

The Statue I'm named after, Diane Chasseresse ( The Huntress)
One day, we went to do something I've always wanted to do in Paris. The Pere LaChaise Cemetary! Many celebrities are buried there, such as Oscar Wilde, Jean de la Fontaine, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrisson, and many many others. For Kitty lovers, this is a good spot! The cats love the warm stone, and I'm sure there are plenty of rats around too...(Ick) There are many beautiful sculptures, crypts, and grave stones. Best of all this is 100% free! To get here, you take the Metro line 3 towards Gallieni, or Line 2 to Nation. enjoy!
Look Familiar?? =]

Kitty friend named Duchess at the Pere Lachaise Cemetary

For Zombie fans!

Oscar Wilde <3

Another kitty friend keeping someone company

Edith Piaf <3 The Pink Carnation was from me

Where's Dee??

Jim Morrisson
While in Paris, we celebrated my step-cousin Elisa's birthday! It was good times, seeing them after 7 years!
My Awesome Uncle Dadou

From Left: My Aunt Martine, Me, Dave, Dadou, and step-cousin Elisa, on her birthday

Stay tuned for more photos of Paris! (I'm trying to break up the posts so they aren't too image-heavy)

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