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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Allez l'OM!- Marseille, France

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days, friends, once again we have ended up in a hostel with the internet down...

After we left Valbonne, We headed to Another new city in France, Marseille! We caught the train and met Maxime, my godmother's Father, and his partner, Ninou. I had met Maxime before, but not Ninou. It was a real pleasure! The apartment had a fabulous view of the beach from the top of a hill. They have a cat named Napoleon who was missing a leg, and he was adorable! For all you cat lovers out there, there's a bonus! Ninou is a cat lover like me, and she takes care of about 8 cats around the building, most wild but a couple abandoned. She has had a few of them de-sexed ( the ones she could catch) which is a nice gesture. Here are some photos of our lovely time with Maxime and Ninou! Enjoy =]

Socrates <3


My honey wrote me this in the sand =]



From Left: Ninou, Myself, Maxime

Maxime, Ninou, Dave

The View from the place

This fish seriously almost killed me! I swallowed a bone =[
We had a delicious dinner at the club of the housing committee, Thanks again Maxime and Ninou!

Napoleon, my dear
After spending the night there, we got a hostel/hotel room in the heart of the Old Port area that was really lovely. So that this post isn't too image-heavy, I'll put the second half of Marseille in the next entry ( sorry to those that had trouble with the last one about the south of France, when Time permits I'll break it up =])

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