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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Athens, Greece!

Let me preface this next group of photos by saying that we met some super cool people on the ferry on the way to Patras. Aaron and Carolyn are really cool and we are so happy to have met them! Aaron speaks perfect Italian and helped us even before we all formerly met! We hung out with them for the entirety of our time in Athens and truly enjoyed their company. Through them, we also made friends with Nicholas and Semina, he is from Cyprus and she is Greek. We ALSO met Pancho from mexico! Nicholas and Semina were nice enough to teach us all a few words in greek and showed us a great restaurant so we got a chance to have authentic greek food. Thanks again guys, hope to see you again =]

Our ferry

Night view of the Acropolis, so beautiful!

Nicholas and Semina!

Dave and Aaron (nice face!)

Carolyn and I (pardon my stray hair)

Dave and Greek guard

Aaron is so outgoing, being a photographer, these breakdancers were super nice!)

Another thing about Athens you have to know, is that there are dogs EVERYWHERE. I don't know if they are all strays and 100% homeless, but there are bowls of water left out for them by shop owners and stuff. They are all just hanging out in the shade as it is extremely hot. And gosh, aren't they cute?

Again, thanks to Aaron, we were warmly welcomed by this guy at his restaurant, which was good and pretty cheap.
Most sights only have a few original pieces still standing.

As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist.

Dave and Pancho!

Cute, I know.

And that's Athens for you! We ate so much good food ( especially Tzatziki and Gyros, mmm!!!)

Until next time, when I write about Syros Island!

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  1. Trip looks like fun. However, all the stray dogs would break my heart.
    I'd want to take them all home...