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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roma, Parte Due

Here are some photos of the rest of our time in Roma!

Spanish Steps, here we met a nice Canadian lady and her husband

Loved this tunnel!

The Trevi Fountain was PACKED at night, but it's seriously the better way to see it.

Bocca Della Verita, a la Roman Holiday <3

After reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, I wish we had gone in!!!!

See? Like I said, not as nice in the day...

The view of Piazza del Poppolo from Villa Borghese park.

Sweet rollerbladers.

Loving life


Loving the busts (no pun intended)

The Vatican is beautiful.

Matisse <3

Not allowed, but I managed a non-flash photo of the Sistine Chapel.

Swiss guards: Love their outfits.

Citta Del Vaticano

Castel Sant'Angelo

Nice view of the Vatican St. Peter's Dome
It was 15 Euros to get in without a student ID, 7,50 with one. Again, as for the Colosseum, people try to sell you tickets to cut the line. Not necessary, we waited only about half and hour when they claimed the line would be 2 hours. Save yourself some money =]
We enjoyed Rome, but prepare to spend some money. I don't know for sure if it's the Mafia responsible, but everything has an extra charge. Hostels have a "Rome city tax" not included in your rate...Sit down in a restaurant in the blazing heat, be prepared to pay 3,50 for a drink, 5 euro for a piece of meat ( order a hamburger and don't get a bun or anything, literally JUST the meat) other than that, it's a nice place. We were there for 4-ish days and felt it was adequate. There are so many tourists there that most people speak English. If you're from Australia, buy your English language books here as they are less than half the price!

Next, we were off to Bari to catch the Ferry to Patras, in Greece!!!

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