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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rodos, Greece

I didn't know much about Rhodes island before we got there. I figured we should go there instead of going back to Athens before flying to Malta, and the flights were the same price. We got there at around noon, sweating because it was boiling hot and there were no showers on the ferry this time ( we got on the ferry at 11pm, and had some issues with people in our seats, etc...). All we wanted was a shower. We got to our hostel Amaryllis, the young guy there was not very knowledgeable...After having a shower, we found some food and went to the beach for some relaxation. For dinner, we went to a place called Artemis ( or was it Aphrodite?) and we treated pretty rudely. But, there were kitties!!

The next day, we went to the Rhodes Aquarium. It's very small, but for 5 Euros it's not so bad. They had some cool creatures! 

Where's the beach?

This place was easy to get to, full of fish, and the water was warm.

More kitties!!! At the beach this time =]

On the bus ride back, we were slowed by protesters. Everyone got off the bus but we hung out with the driver, who explained that there is a protest practically every day. This time it's the childcare people.

This is from the Valley of the Butterflies! It's the same price to take a tour and to do it on your own.

Found this jumping platform! I'm afraid of heights to this was not working for me haha

Greece was good to us. I had been dreaming of going there since I was a little girl, and it didn't disappoint. 

But, we were so excited for MALTA that we could barely contain ourselves!!
I like getting on planes from outside. It's so glamourous!

Part one of Malta coming very very soon!

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