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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is the last leg of our China Trip. We met some super nice people at Woodward, Expecially Max and the Woodward Crew, thanks guys! We had some hot pot dinner ( which I have grown to LOVE). We did have ONE incident in a Muslim restaurant where we though we were going to be poisoned or something...They were asking us where we were from, if we were Muslim, etc. We thought they might not want to serve us, but eventually they asked us our order again and we just waited, fearfully, for half an hour...seeing pictures and drawings of menacing looking men on the walls... It was strange, but we didn't get sick or anything thankfully! Anyway, Here are some photos for you!

Inside of Woodward Beijing

Loving when it's Chinese AND English

New friends!

We made the Wall of Fame!
Next we stayed at the Beijing Heyuan Youth Hostel. It was very modern in the room, but traditional outside. There was a pond next to our room, I loved it!
On the Cable Car going up the Great Wall!

Tobogganing down!

Cable Cars

My honey and I at Tower 2 I think it was? Too bad it wasn't a very clear day.

We ate at this restaurant near our hostel, it was delicious and the menu was in English!

Pond next to our room

Entrance to The Forbidden City
Overall I truly enjoyed China and look forward to visiting again one day. I definitely want to go back to Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Thank again to EVERYONE in China who helped us out. Shocker Dudes ( Karl, Bob, Travis, and Yuen) in HK, George, Jason, and Ronron in Shanghai, Ping in Chengdu, and Max and the crew at Woodward Beijing!

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