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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Traveling Woodies

Well It's been a while, yet again, I really fail at this, except I have been a good girl and I have been writing in a journal BY HAND about our trip in a notebook I bought in Hong Kong the first day of our trip. Long story short, we spent 6 days in Hong Kong ( which I LOVED), then took the train ( 19 hours) to Shanghai,  spent a week there with the homie George and his lovely wife Ronron, then flew to Chengdu to check out Pandas and hang out with our new friend Ping for 3 days, then went to Beijing for 5 days, then flew to Paris via Kuala Lumpur ( 28 hours for traveling, sooooo lame).

Hong Kong photos:
First meal in HK, kinda nervous..

Tucked in Shirt Action, yeah I did it.

 Bird Market
 Ladies' Market
 New friends
 Giant Buddha <3
 Random Cows near giant Buddha
 HK Disneyland, most characters were in Asian Getups
 Sweet space above my bed on the train...

Shanghai photos soon <3

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