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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here are some photos from Chengdu! We flew this time, from Shanghai via Air China, which was quite an enjoyable flight ( I am not a good flyer...)
Yep, A Panda!!!!!

I made a friend! He came right up to the wall between Us, I would have reached out and touched him but I didn't want to get kicked out.

Feeding time!

They really do act JUST like a human in a panda suit.

Golden Panda!

That is one LONG pipe!

New friends!

Hot Pot, my favourite Chinese dish/dinner experience!

My new friend Ping, in China, it's very common for gal pals to hold hands or walk arm in arm

Incense for Nannu <3

My honey enjoying all the turtles in the pond!


Getting my ears cleaned! 20 RMB, less than 3 US Dollars, totally worth it, but not for flinchers!

He had to work extra hard to get all the stuff out of Dave's ears haha
Chengdu was a short stay, we were at the Dragon Town Hostel, which organized the half-day trip to the Panda Breeding Centre. I almost regret not getting a photo with a Giant Panda Baby, but for $170 US I think I'm okay looking at the from afar...Hot Pot and La Mien were yummy. I would like to come back one day!

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